Student Uses The Rags She Sells As Jeepney Fare, Caught Netizens’ Attention

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In a third world country like the Philippines, education is a privilege. Proof of this is how rampant poverty is in the country. Therefore, not all parents can afford to send their kids to school.

However, there are public schools here who offer free education, and most kids who come from poor families go there. But since they are poor, they can’t afford anything else. Like school allowance, for instance.

As a result, most poor kids who go to school don’t even have allowances. Hence, some of them find ways to make it through the day.

On Facebook, a netizen named Jade De Luna shared a video of a student she rode the jeepney with, carrying what seems to be a bunch of rags.

But, what caught her attention was when the student asked the jeepney driver if she could pay with rags instead, because she cannot afford to pay with real money.

Furthermore, Jade narrates the conversation she heard between the student and the driver. And how two of the passengers offered to help the teenager. The conversation goes:

Student: Manong! Magkano po yung pamasahe hanggang libis po? (Mister! How much is the fare to Libis?)
Driver: Otso (8 pesos)
Student: pwede po bang basahan na lang? (can i pay it with rags instead?)
Driver: Sige (Sure)
Male Passenger: Ay sige ako na *sabay kuha ng pera sa bulsa* (Let me, *gets money from pocket*)
Student: ay, salamat po! (oh, thank you!)
Driver: ay sige wag na. (oh, yeah, nevermind)
Student: salamat po! (thank you!)
Male Passenger: Magkano ba yang basahan? (How much are the rags?)
Student: Sampo lang po. (Just 10 pesos)
(Binigyan ng bente pesos ng lalaki) (The man gives the student 20 pesos)
Student: Wala po akong panukli (I dont have change)
Male Passenger: Sige iha, sayo na yan wag mo na ako suklian. (No, its okay. Keep it)
Student: salamat po! (thank you!)
Female Passenger: magkano yan ineng? (how much is that, girl?)
Student: sampo po. (10 pesos)
Female Passenger: O ito, sayo na yan *Binigyan ng bente* (Here, *hands in 20 pesos*)

Not only that, the person seated next to Jade started to talk to the student as well. There, they found out that the teenager goes to Tala High School in Caloocan City. And that her parents also sell rags for a living.

A lot of netizens felt bad, but at the same time, inspired by the student’s determination to go to school. They also praised her for being polite and respectful, and said that its no wonder why strangers decided to help her.

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