Sweet Water Caused By Fairies?

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Who would have thought that water could have such a sweet taste?

Residents in the town of Valle Hermoso in Negros Oriental have lived a quiet and peaceful life. But due to some mystery, their place suddenly got attention.

Their town got featured on a TV show, where it is said that they have a spring that produces sweet water.

Because of that, a lot of people are amazed. However, there are also who are even skeptical about it.


Though the spring water near Sitio Buod is special, there are many people who can testify to the sweet taste of the water there.

According to their “Rated K” interview, residents in the area believed the sweet water is caused by fairies. They say that the fairy lives in a tree near the spring, and that what causes the special taste of it.


Furthermore, Sitio Buod does not have a water line. So residents get their drinking water from the magical spring.

In addition to this, Engr. Danila Basilio of Local Water Utilities Administration are not even surprised about the mysterious phenomenon.


As a matter of fact, when they have it checked, they found out that the “magical water” is alkaline water.

According to him, water can have a naturally sweet taste, depending on where the flow is coming from.


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