Syrian Vlogger nag alok ng P100k kapalit ng kaniyang ‘padyak’ na tinanggihan ng tinderong lolo

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Syrian Vlogger Basel Manadil once again gave a surprise to a grandfather or ‘lolo’. He sells vegetables using a bike or ‘padyak’.

Basel Manadil, a Syrian Vlogger, would have only bought vegetables. Instead, he also offered ‘lolo’ that he would buy his padyak.

The grandfather refused the P100k that Basel offered for the bike. So Basel just gave the money as capital for ‘lolo’s business investment.


The Hungry Syrian Wanderer, well-known YouTube channel’s subscribers are about to reach 3 million.

It contains Basel Manadil’s vlogs. He is a Syrian now based here in the Philippines. He became famous because of him helping the Filipinos.

In his latest vlog, a grandfather who sells vegetables using only his padyak is helped by Basel. But other than helping, there is one thing that Basel learned about the Filipinos.

In the first part of the video, Basel can be seen talking to the unnamed grandfather. On the side of the gasoline station, they talked about the grandfather’s merchandise. Vegetables such as eggplant, squash, sweet potato, squash, onion, garlic are grandfather’s other goods. They are placed in the basket onboard lolo’s padyak.


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At first Basel was still joking with lolo about vegetables. The grandfather replied to Basel’s jokes even though he said he cannot speak English.

After buying all lolo’s goods for P800, Basel offered lolo P100k to buy the padyak he is using.

To the Syrian’s surprise, the grandfather rejected it. He said he should just buy a new one instead of his old ‘padyak’. Lolo said that the padyak brought many memories to him. He could not afford to sell it even at a large amount.


Image Credits: The Hungry Syrian Wanderer video via YouTube channel

Basel was happy with lolo’s decision. He gave him the money so it can be used as investment in Lolo’s business.

With tears in his eyes, his grandfather accepted Basel’s offer.

He said can now return to their province in Isabela.

It is even more touching Basel’s heart.

“This is the best kind of people to help: old people and hardworking people,” he said of Syrian in his vlog.

According to him, he learned that money cannot buy everything.

“This is how Filipinos are, when they are attached to something, they wouldn’t give it up for money,” said Basel.

Watch the full video of his vlog here:



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