The daughter, who texted her dead father for 4 years, gets a response.

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Chastity Patterson from Arkansas has been sending her father her daily life updates to stay connected to her dad and also maybe it is her way of coping up with the passing of her dad in 2015.

In 2019, to mark the four year anniversary of his death, Chastity wrote “Tomorrow is going to be a tough day again”


“It’s been 4 years since I lost you and not a day goes by that I don’t miss you.”


She continued: “I picked my head up and became an even stronger woman. I lost all my friends and hit rock bottom but I found someone who came into my life and saved me.”


Chastity then went on to reassure her father that she is “still driving momma crazy” and “keeping her on her toes” in his absence.

“I’m sorry I wasn’t there when you needed me the most,”

She also said that she’s “afraid of marriage” “I’ll have to walk that long aisle alone and you won’t be there to tell me everything will be okay, I’m doing great, you would be so proud of the woman I have becomeā€¦.”

Drawing her emotional text to a humorous end, she added that her “smart mouth” and “attitude has not changed”.


She concluded: “I just wanted to say I love you and I really do miss you!”

To her surprise, she got a reply from a grieving father.

“I lost my daughter in a car wreck in August 2014 and your messages have kept me alive.”

“I’m sorry you lost someone so close to you but I have listened to you over the years and I have watched you grow and go through more than anyone.

“I have wanted to text you back for years but I didn’t want to break your heart. You are an extraordinary woman and I wish my daughter would have become the woman you are.”

He then went on to tell Chastity how proud her father would have been of her and that their chance correspondence was a “sign from God.”

She wrote: “I text my dad every day to let him know how my day goes for the past four years! Today was my sign that everything is okay and I can let him rest.”

Following the extraordinary response from other users, Chastity then went on to explain in a separate post that Jason Ligons was not her biological dad but was the main father figure in her life who “never missed a school dance, prom, or my games”.

She added: “I’ve cried with him, told him everything, and even became very independent because he took the time to love me and show me what happiness looks like. So YES Jason was my father but he was a role model for many kids in our town.”

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