TRENDING: Jeepney Driver May Nakakatawang Paalala sa Mga Pasahero!

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Driver na may Nakakatawang Paalala sa Mga Pasahero, nag Trending.

A jeepney driver posted a signage for his passengers which made many netizens smile.


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After the operation of some jeeps returned in June, health and safety protocols were still strictly enforced to avoid the threat posed by C0VID-19. One of the ways to get the v1rus spread faster is through coughing and sneezing, so everyone is encouraged to wear face mask and/ or a face shield as protection.

And in keeping with the reminders, driver Alex Villareal thought of putting up a sign that delivered good vibes to the passengers.


In his Facebook post, you can see the picture of the sign that reads, “Pwedeng umutot. Bawal umubo.” (“You can fart. It is forbidden to cough.”)


Due to the funny reminder of the Jeepney driver, it garnered 14,000 different reactions on social media.

It also received thousands of comments from netizens.

Its online shares has also reached 47,000 as of writing.

Read some of the netizens comments below:



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