Tricycle Driver Who Used Cash Aid As Capital Goes Viral

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With the world going under a crisis, every government is trying (hopefully) their best to help every citizen.

It is also a nice feeling to know that our taxes are going to the right people.

Here in the Philippines, the government is trying their best to give relief goods and cash aids to every one, especially to the poorest of the poor.

But every now and then, we hear news about some people wasting the relief or cash aids given to them buy gambling and buying illegal drugs.

This hurts the middle class tax payers who do not get to receive any relief at all during this crisis, because they are not the government’s priority.

However, one citizen went viral because of how smart and wise he is.

For instance, a tricycle driver from Barangay Culiat, Quezon City goes viral after using the cash aid he received from the government as a business capital.


Samad Maulanan received 2,000 PHP as cash aid from the government. He then used it to start a barbecue business.

Since a lot of Filipinos lost their jobs to due the nationwide lockdown, some are finding ways to still earn money while following quarantine rules.

Maulanan only has 2,000 pesos as a capital, but now he earns around 1,200 pesos a day.

Therefore, a lot of netizens and even celebrities admired the tricycle driver.

Some netizens say that people like Maulanan are the kind of people who deserve to be given help. Because they don’t waste what is given to them.

Others are also taking this as an inspiration to not lose hope. Because despite the pandemic, there are still many ways to survive and be productive.

As of this writing, the post already reached 199K likes and 25K shares.


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