Undying Love: Wife Still Gets Valentine Flowers From Late Husband

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There are so many great love stories that are just waiting to be told. Some love stories transcends even in the after life.

Just like this beautiful love story between Tracey Cox and her late husband, Rich.

Rich was a romantic when he was still alive, and he made sure that Tracey would still feel his love even when he is gone.


In February 2020, Tracey yet again receive flowers from here husband Rich, 8 years after he passed away. She received the flowers February 13, a day earlier than usual.

According to Tracey, Rich was her husband, best friend and soulmate. And that he is “one of a kind, there will never be another.”

Rich, 53, lost his three-year battle to throat cancer in 2012.


Tracey and Rich married in 1986, just three months after they met and had been married for more than 25 years.

Furthermore, before Rich passed, the couple renewed their vows and took their dream vacation in Hawaii. He even planned his own funeral.

He made the arrangements so his wife Tracey would know that he will always love her, even in the afterlife.


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