Vico Sotto Describes Ideal Girl

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Vico Sotto has been the talk of the town because of how good he is dealing with the COVID-19 situation. Many praised his leadership as the mayor of Pasig City, and envies the way he takes care of his constituents.

Young, handsome and compassionate, Vico Sotto can be your next dream guy.


However, with the demands of a mayor during a pandemic, he admits he has no time for love.

Yet the young mayor said his ideal partner will be one who is “matalino” (smart) and “easygoing” when he does find the time in future.


During an online interview with radio hosts Rico Robles and Karla Aguas of RX93.1, aired on Facebook this Thursday, Sotto was asked about this.

Furthermore, when asked to talk about love, Vico Sotto initially refused and claims he knows nothing about it. Eventually, he gave in caved in for his “ideal girl” when prodded.


Moreover, when netizens saw the interview, a lot started teasing him with Gretchen Ho. Some of them says that his ideal girl descriptions fits perfectly with Ho’s personality.

Watch the full video here:


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