Viral ‘Transformation’ Helped Family Of Homeless Man Find Him

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A homeless man did not expect that his encounter with a pastor outside a mall in Quezon City, will be the reason for his life to go back to normal.

Franklin Llanita Goden, a pastor, shared on Facebook the good deed he has done for a homeless man.


The homeless man, identified as Erwin Dean, got fed and had a makeover, thanks to Pastor Goden.

Goden allegedly saw Dean outside the mall, looking for something to eat in the trash, and it touched his heart.


Because of pity, the pastor gave his new friend a hair cut, new clothes and bathe him. He even took him inside the mall, a place where Dean could not get into before.

In addition to this, Dean is so grateful to Goden for taking him to a famous fast food restaurant. He does not need to look at the trash for food anymore.


“First I saw him, then I feed him, then I shop clothing, then bath him, then brought him to barber shop, then bring him to mc do. Then show the mall’s life and made him smile,” wrote Goden on his caption.

But not only did Dean had a makeover, his family who have been looking for him was able to track him down, all thanks to Goden’s viral post.


When he was found, Dean’s family immediately called Pastor Goden and thanked him for the kindness he has shown.

As of this writing, the post already reached 43K likes and 34K shares.


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