Woman Uses Her PHP 6,500 Cash Assistance To Start Up A Take-Out Business

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However, the longer we are required to stay at home, the more difficult it is to deal with. Since everyone cannot just go outside to earn money, we heavily rely on government assistance, such as food reliefs and cash aids.

But, what if we do not get those assistance? How are we going to survive? Most businesses and establishments and businesses are also forced to shut down. No income = no food.


In addition to this, a lot of citizens have been complaining about not receiving enough food reliefs and cash aids. What more those who do not receive anything at all.

That is why it is really remarkable when one uses the help they get in a smarter way.

One citizen used the cash assistance she received to buy ingredients for her take-out breakfast business.


After receiving the money, Joverly Arellano goes straight to the market to buy meat, noodles and other ingredients. But the food is not for her family. In fact, it is for her small business in San Mateo, Rizal.

According to Joverly, she was forced to close down her computer shop business due to the lockdown. She then came up with another way to earn a living and that is the take-out business.

Of the PHP 6,500 she received from the social amelioration program, Arellano has allocated PHP 3,000 to the small business while P3,500 is for the needs of her 2 children.


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