Young Mcdonald employee pays family’s meal when mom forgot her wallet.

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A mother named Brittany Reed posted about her experience at McDonald’s.

In her post, Reed said she was leaving a football practice with her three children, and her 4-year-old began crying while they were getting in the van. Her 7-year-old daughter then started crying because “I told her we were having red potatoes as a side for dinner and clearly she wasn’t a fan.”

So Reed decided to go to McDonald’s instead.


When she pulls up to the drive-thru window to pay, all three kids are crying. She realizes she left her purse at home.

“I look at the young man with tears in my eyes just from being stressed and annoyed and say “hun I am so sorry but I have to cancel that order I left my purse at home when we went to football tonight’,” Reed posted.

To her surprise, the young Mcdonald’s crew took out his wallet and swiped his card before she could do anything.

“I was like wait no hun it’s ok I will come back through then he replies “no it’s totally fine, my pleasure’,” she wrote.

She ended up taking him cash, but she still wanted the world to hear what he did.


“I just want his parents to know how KIND & COMPASSIONATE your son was tonight! He made this stressed-out momma pause for a moment and realize this is exactly what we parents are trying to do, raise great humans. Well, Wyatt sir, you are an amazing human!!!” she wrote.

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