Lady Ties the Knot with Her Former High School Teacher, Whom She Dated Since Age 13

In today’s modern era, it’s not uncommon to witness young individuals entering into relationships, even during their elementary school days. While many of these relationships involve partners of similar ages, some face criticism due to significant age differences.

A 20-year-old Indonesian woman, Vinda Virgina, recently married her former high school teacher, Erwin. Despite meeting the legal age requirements for marriage, their union drew disapproval from some people.

Undeterred by societal opinions, Vinda expressed her excitement about marrying Erwin, emphasizing that their love transcends the age gap. She questioned why relationships with childhood sweethearts are accepted while hers faced criticism.

Vinda enthusiastically shared the story of their meeting and the development of their love. Acknowledging that many students at her high school admired Erwin, she disclosed her strategy to win his heart: staying after class for additional lessons and asking numerous questions. This approach eventually led to Erwin reciprocating her feelings, and they have been together ever since.

Erwin, who had been Vinda’s prom date, is now her life partner, fulfilling what she describes as a dream come true. Their journey challenges societal norms, illustrating that love knows no age boundaries.

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