Proud Father, a Taho Vendor, Gives Away Free Taho to Celebrate Daughter’s Success in the Teachers’ Board Exams

Celebrating academic achievements, especially after passing significant board exams, is a moment of immense pride for both the accomplished individual and their supportive family.

Photo credit: Rose Torallo

Vendor Offers Free Taho after Daughter Passes Teacher’s Board

Bobby and Rose Torallo, dedicated taho vendors, delightedly offered free servings of taho to mark their daughter Rosebel Cielo Torallo’s success in passing the LET (Licensure Examination for Teachers).

Photo credit: Rose Torallo

Rosebel, a graduate with cum laude honors from Baao Community College in Baao, Camarines Sur, dedicatedly self-reviewed for the board exams, amplifying the joy of her achievement for her entire family.

Photo credit: Rose Torallo

The Torallo family’s heartfelt celebration unfolded through a jubilant banner announcing Rosebel’s achievement, displayed proudly at their taho stand. Rose, in her Facebook post, expressed their family’s reliance on taho vending as their primary source of income, enabling them to support their children’s education.

Photo credit: Rose Torallo

Despite facing occasional disregard from some due to their profession, the Torallo family persevered, attributing their success to unwavering faith and dedication. Rose expressed gratitude to her children for their commitment to academic excellence, despite financial constraints, showcasing the strength of their family bond.

Photo credit: Rose Torallo

Celebrating academic milestones varies from person to person, and for the Torallo family, honoring their daughter’s success with a gesture of free taho to their customers became a heartwarming symbol of their pride and gratitude.

Ways to Celebrate Passing Board Exams:

  1. Host a celebratory party
  2. Indulge in a special cake
  3. Plan a memorable trip
  4. Share the joy by treating loved ones or even strangers to thoughtful gestures, like complimentary rides from taxi drivers or free offerings from vendors.

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