Tita’s Clever ‘Jollibee Adobong Sitaw’ Life Hack for Nephew Goes Viral

Feeding children, especially when unwell or picky about meals, can be quite a challenge. However, one resourceful tita, Maricris Soriano Hungriano, found an inventive life hack to entice her nephew, John Cedrick, to eat despite his illness.

Tita Goes Viral for “Jollibee Adobong Sitaw” Life Hack

Hungriano ingeniously served adobong sitaw, a Filipino dish, inside a Jollibee takeout box. The tactic aimed to motivate John Cedrick, who wasn’t feeling well, to have a meal alongside his necessary medication. To everyone’s surprise, the trick worked wonders, and the grateful boy even thanked his aunt for his ‘Jollibee’ meal, unaware that adobong sitaw isn’t on the fast-food chain’s menu.

While some netizens expressed concern that the child might feel deceived in the future, many applauded the tita’s quick thinking. They emphasized that what truly matters is that the child ate the food and took his medicine, ensuring his well-being.

Jollibee, a beloved fast-food chain in the Philippines, holds a special place in the hearts of both kids and adults. Its popularity extends to Filipino communities worldwide, with overseas Filipino workers making special efforts to visit newly opened Jollibee branches in their host countries.

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