The World’s Most Exquisite Handwriting Belongs to a Nepalese Girl

Individuals exhibit diverse handwriting styles, ranging from exceptionally graceful to less refined. From a young age, we partake in handwriting exercises with the aim of improving our penmanship. A Nepalese girl and her outstanding handwriting stand as proof that consistent practice leads to excellence, showcasing the world’s most superb handwriting.

Prakriti Malla, a student at Sainik Awasiya Mahavidyalaya, garnered accolades from the Nepali Armed Forces for her extraordinary handwriting. Her global recognition has captivated readers worldwide, and her writing has become widely appreciated. We anticipate that her handwriting will serve as an inspiration for doctors and enthusiasts alike.

At the age of 16, Prakriti Malla gained recognition. When she was 14, in the eighth grade, one of her assignments went viral on the internet due to the captivating beauty of her handwriting, drawing global attention. People were amazed by the natural grace of her writing, showering her with admiration and praise.

Prakriti Malla, the talented girl from Nepal who earned the distinction of having the World’s Best Handwriting, composed a congratulatory letter for the leadership and citizens of the UAE on the occasion of the UAE’s 51st Spirit of the Union. She personally presented the letter to the embassy during the ceremony.

In 2022, the UAE Embassy in Nepal posted a tweet acknowledging Prakriti Malla, stating that she was awarded the World Best Handwriting in celebration of the 51st Spirit of the Union of the United Arab Emirates. Prakriti also received recognition from officials of the UAE Embassy.

The viral tweet showcases Prakriti Malla’s article with each letter crafted in an exceptionally beautiful manner. Undoubtedly, her handwriting is truly captivating. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to suggest that even a ‘computer’ might feel a touch of shyness upon witnessing her handwriting prowess.

Well-executed handwriting can leave a lasting impression on readers, providing a delightful experience. Hence, students are encouraged to refine their cursive writing abilities. We naturally prefer impeccable and tidy handwriting over untidy script with irregular spacing, a preference that extends to academic evaluations, where students with neat handwriting often secure more favorable scores.

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